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Meter Mini-Monitor

Quickly bring up the real-time data from any power meter that communicates using either the Modbus or ION(tm) protocols. This includes the majority of all power meters.

Just type in the IP address of your meter, and instantly, the real-time data is shown, updating once per second on your iPhone or iPad.


  • Communicates using the ION(tm) or Modbus protocols.
  • Real-time data updates quickly on screen.
  • Easily customizable to suit your needs.

NOTE: The ION(tm) protocol is a trademark of Schneider Electric in France, the USA and other countries. It is used in a large percentage of all industrial power meters sold by Schneider Electric and Siemens in the USA and elsewhere.

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And just for fun...

Your brain will love you for playing Daily Brain Workout!

So many people invest time in physical activity to improve their health but they forget to train the most important part of their body: their brain.

Start your day off right with Daily Brain Workout, a collection of challenging and entertaining mini-games. Expand your mind!

Play classic word and number games to jumpstart your brain for a test or solve the most addicting puzzles that'll have you well on your way to a higher IQ.

The possibilities are endless with randomly generated levels and several options for even more gameplay.
- Solve the tallest tower in Towers of Hanoi
- Take a photo of a friend and solve it in Picture Puzzle Slider...
- Or just before you eat your breakfast, take a photo of your eggs, we'll scramble them and then you put them back together!


  • 10 fun and entertaining mini-games
  • Custom achievements for every mini-game
  • Difficulties and levels for players of all ages

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A new twist on the clicker app - this one has different themes! To get things started, there's an alien invasion or if you prefer, the cockroach infestation :)

Look for new themes in upcoming releases. Leave a review recommending a new theme. We can even do custom themed versions for your own product - contact us!

Stop the alien invasion. Or the cockroaches. Or collect the Easter eggs...

A fun diversion that you can jump right into.

Try to get all the achievements.


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