Careers with PHD Engineering

Drupal / LAMP Developer

Must have 2+ years of experience working with Drupal and programming in PHP with MySQL. Also need a good working knowledge of Javascript, CSS and HTML.

Must have a computer science degree or equivalent training and experience.

Unreal Game Developer

C++ programming with the Unreal engine 4.xx. We're looking for someone with experience programming in C++ and preferably with some exposure to game programming in either Unreal or Unity. We partner with several game studios to tackle complex game programming challenges, contributing to many popular games on steam.

Must have a computer science degree or equivalent training.

Application Engineer

See the world! As an application engineer, you will spend the majority of your time travelling away from home-base, typically for Mon-Fri trips to various locations (factories, data centers, etc.) across the US and also occasionally further afield (Ireland, Singapore, etc.) Your responsibility will be to install and commission our software (configure it to communicate with metering equipment, etc.) and to troubleshoot problems, working with the support team that will assist you remotely.

Must have an engineering background, preferably an electrical engineering degree or diploma and strong PC skills (e.g. familiarity with Windows, Excel, network settings) and you will need a passport. This job requires frequent travel to the US and occasionally elsewhere.

Please send resumes or questions to