Case Studies

Case Studies

Community Plus - Home Health Care & Nursing

Community Plus - Home Health Care & Nursing turned to us to create a new platform for scheduling and managing their home health care business. This software handles optimizing efficiencies for time, distance, skills and tasks required for their care workers and all the dynamically changing home care visits they perform. Community Plus has been able to leverage their many years of experience in the home care scheduling business, to bring new, better approaches to the scheduling problem and we have brought that to fruition with the Lifespan Unified Care Platform. Using this new platform reduces scheduler workload, results in more efficient scheduling of care givers and keeps track of the myriad items they need to juggle in a fast-paced environment, to ensure the best and safest outcomes for all.

This Lifespan Unified Care Platform is what's referred to as a single-page application. It runs in the cloud and is used in a web-browser, but looks and feels much like a traditional Windows application. This is the approach we have all become familiar with, using applications such as google docs. It makes web-based applications much more pleasant to use.


For Siemens, we have developed several generations of power monitoring software to assist data centers and factories in monitoring their massive power consumption and to protect their equipment from damage due to such things as harmonics and overload.

Our power monitoring systems include networks of often over a thousand networked devices we communicate with in real-time, reading power system data (think volts, amps and much more). With all this incoming data, the software is optimized to quickly show the most important information on animated screens in control rooms, while taking programmed actions based on the data received and also saving data in a database for generating reports and analysis in the future.

Technology Registrations Canada (TRC)

We brought the paper process of certifying foreign professionals for work in Canada, online. In developing a bilingual, web-based system with different portals/views for all the different roles involved in processing, we streamlined the process, eliminated the need for paper, minimized the opportunities for error and gave applicants a view of the progress of their certification.

Now, applicants complete online interactive evaluations, applications, exams and payment, references respond via secure online forms, staff guide all steps of the process, reviewers review applications, finance reviews financial reports and administrators have reports on the statistics of applications in each stage of processing.

Many of the roles involved in the processing of applications, are volunteers, so this new paperless, online system is very helpful for them to be able to work on it whenever and wherever is convenient for them with no more need to courier folders of papers that they needed to safeguard and hurry to return.

On top of that, each user organization (in this case, one from each province) enjoys their own secure view of the system, making the system appear to be created solely for them.

The site is available to the public to use from the applicant's point of view: Try out the free self-assessment tool.


For JobBox Software, we implemented automated testing of all functionality of their Service|Box web-based service, which uncovered several errors they were able to fix prior to going live. The beauty of the automated tests meant a single click was all that was needed to replicate the problems and later confirm they were fixed.

With automated testing they are able to deploy updates at any time, immediately knowing with certainty that the website functionality is all working.

Screen captures can't do it justice but the testing tools take control of the browser, clicking buttons, etc. as they run your web-based software through its paces. Fully integrated into the NUnit automated unit testing tool GUI, you can select which tests are run and the results are presented clearly with check marks or x marks next to each.