We would like to thank all of our clients for such long and mutually rewarding relationships.
Here are some of the companies we have developed software for:

Amgen Amgen in Seattle and Providence
AmEx American Express in Greensboro
ASTTBC ASTTBC in Vancouver
Bank One Bank One in Delaware
BASF in Albany
Bayer in Oakland
Deutsche Bank in Manhattan
Dow Corning in North Carolina
Duke Energy in San Diego
Ford in Detroit
Goldman Sachs in New York
Goodyear in Kansas
HBO Latin America in Miami
Microsoft in Singapore, Dublin and USA
Morgan Stanley in New York
The Pentagon in Washington DC
Raytheon in El Segundo
Siemens in USA, Singapore and Germany
UMG in Santa Monica
Unilever in Baltimore
US Embassy in Afghanistan

We have also been to almost all of these sites, installing and commissioning our software.