Technology Leaders

PHD Engineering has a long history of developing Windows applications and HTML5/Javascript/CSS web-based applications using C#, .NET, SQL Server, ASP.NET, MVC as well as web-based applications using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and we also develop apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Blackberry - see us in the iTunes App Store!

PHD Engineering created the world's first power monitoring system for Power Measurements (now a division of Schneider Electric) in the late 1980's, then moved on to create award winning PC-based power monitoring software for Siemens.

Since those beginnings, we have created several generations of power monitoring and control systems used by hundreds of customers around the world, in our role doing world-wide power monitoring software development for Siemens. Our power monitoring software is used in virtually every industry, many government organizations and the military in Canada and the United States.

Our company also pioneered work on the Internet as an Internet Service Provider where we refined our skills in developing the real-time server tools for running that business in the early years of the Internet. We became leaders in real-time systems, web technologies, security and learned how to keep Internet facing applications up and running. As the Internet grew and matured, we continued developing several generations of web-based applications for real-time communications systems and others.

Today, we continue innovating with web-based power monitoring and other software for automating businesses, generating reports, doing sub-billing, monitoring and controlling power systems on factory floors, in hospitals and universities, and more.